Houseplant Renewal

Houseplant Renewal

It’s a New Year and your houseplants are hoping for some help surviving the long dark winter. In addition to providing water and light Cooperative Extension Service has a FREE publication on “Air Layering to renew indoor plants” a good guide for your leggy tropical plants.  If you suspect your houseplants are suffering from pests our “Houseplant Pests and Control” is the publication for you, with identification guides and ideas for control if you find a pest. Your local Cooperative Extension Service is your year round resource for a variety of topics, visit us today at:


to find this publication and more or stop by and see us when your in town at the Doors and Windows Bldg. on K-Beach Road between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. We are “Learning for Life”.

Janice Chumley IPM tech Kenai Peninsula District UAF/Cooperative Extension Service

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