Honesty in a Box – Album Review

Album Releases Friday, January 3rd, 7pm at the Rae Building!
Album Releases Friday, January 3rd, 7pm at the Rae Building!

Listening to “Small Town Love Song,” the concluding introspective anthem from the debut album by local talent, Burning Bush, I find that I am left with that lingering retrospective resonance that all listeners of good music desire. It is the “ah” moment that draws lingering emotion from the closet and leaves that listener of good music basking in the melancholy glow of a memory no longer painful.
     Honesty In A Box is the first album produced and recorded by local band, Burning Bush. Driven by visionary, Mark Chase, the ten pieces reflect a contemporary combination of heavy guitar riffs and harmonic, impressionistic vocals. Bass guitarist, Dakota Plush adds his own flavorful, rhapsodic ingredient, yet the music itself relies on the straightforward combination of this talented duo pushing the edges of common melody, and often surprising with undertones of haunting harmony. If popular music, as we know it, suggests that the next note should take the listener to a comfortable place, Burning Bush will undercut it, disturbing the soul and asking for a response that forces honest reflection.
Juxtaposing “Small Town Love Song” with “Oatmeal Bran” allows Chase the opportunity to share his light-hearted view of life when he creates an analogy between breakfast cereal and life.

At the table of life, easy to grab


Sometimes the more you get the less you have
Gave it all back to the Chef to make and found the best surprise

(I would tell you the rest, but it would ruin the…well, you know.)

     Honesty In A Box raises the curtain on local talent and embodies the hopes, dreams and aspirations we all collectively share. At times the music is frank and direct, and at other times, reflective, and soulful. Chase says, “hopefully you’ll hear the sincerity of our hearts, both in the lyrics and in the music itself.” Burning Bush has created a didactic, lyrical, expressive vision combined with what they refer to as “sculpted sound.” Rich, unapologetic truth is the groundwork on which this album is built, and it cannot honestly get any better.



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