Special City Council Meeting Called For December 16, 2013

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 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Seward City Council will have a special meeting on Monday, December 16, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. for the purpose of:

Ordinance 2013-013, Authorizing Employees Of The Seward Community Health Center To Be Non-PERS Employees Of The City For A Limited Time, And Amending Portions Of Titles 2 And 3 Of The Seward City Code.

Resolution 2013-117, Expressing An Intent To Exercise The Right To Approve The Selection Of The Executive Director Of The Seward Community Health Center.


Resolution 2013-118, A Resolution Of The City Council Of The City Of Seward, Alaska, Approving The Seward Community Health Center (SCHC) Board Of Director’s Selection Of Sharon Montagnino As The Executive Director Of The SCHC.

The meeting will be conducted in City Council Chambers, City Hall, 410 Adams Street, Seward.




  • I’m a little confused. In the previous article it states “that they are in no way responsible for hiring the executive director of the new Seward Community Health Center.” But resolution 2013-117/118 gives the City the right to approve the selection of the executive director and approves the director.

  • Here’s the clerk’s explanation. The ordinance, when it takes effect in ten days from its passage, (presumably on Monday) may indeed (unless council changes its mind) take away the council’s right to approve the hiring of the CHC executive director. However, the resolution will allow them that right immediately so that they can approve the interim director that CHC has chosen. Ordinances trump resolutions, and those remain on the books for future councils to follow. Resolutions don’t bind future councils.

  • The current code has the provision that the council has the right to approve the hiring of the executive director of the CHC. The Ordinance from the last meeting was for “Introduction Only”. It was amended to remove the council approval of the executive director. The amended ordinance is scheduled for public hearing on Monday, December 16 at noon. It could be voted on at that meeting and if approved, would not take effect until 10 days after passage.

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