Solstice Dance & Potluck

Solstice Winter jpeg…Wanna Dance?

Come take part in an exploration of the Conscious Dance/Ecstatic Dance form on Winter Solstice. Conscious Dance is a movement meditation appropriate for all ages and abilities, a great way to celebrate solstice, and a lot of fun. You do not need to be a dancer, and there are no steps to learn. Dance facilitated by Stefini Adkins. Come dance!

Dancing from 6-8 will be followed by a potluck. Please bring something to share if you can! This is a sober, all ages event. Suggested donation: $5. Event is free to the public.

Why: Conscious Dance is a free-form movement celebration of the experience of being in our bodies. It is a gateway to sacred play, a movement meditation, a dance-how-you-want space that makes you feel good in your skin. It’s a community event, a great way to celebrate the solstice as we turn our attention toward spring.

But what is conscious dance really?
To really understand it, you have to do it. Conscious Dance is free-form dance in combination with guided movement, with no pressure to perform. It’s meditation with a beat.
Why should I do it?


Do it for all the physical benefits of exercise, or for the opportunity to spend an evening having fun with other people. Do it to welcome the daylight back as we gain minutes. Do it for fun!
But I can’t dance!
That’s okay! You don’t have to be a dancer to enjoy Conscious Dance. It’s about movement without judgement, with good music.
What should I wear?
You can wear anything you like, but I suggest loose, comfortable clothes of the kind that you might wear for yoga. Layers are always good, in case you get hot and want to take something off, or cold and want to put something on. No shoes are allowed on the dance floor, but with this kind of floor, socks are okay.
What should I bring?
A potluck will follow the dance, so bring something to share if you can.
Why donate?
Donations will go toward covering costs of the this dance, and funding the next one.

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  1. This Dance Exploration is sponsored by the Seward Arts Council. DJ Hank West will get the festivities going with a great selection of inspiring music. Happy Holidays to All!!

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