Rotary Supports He Will Provide Food Bank

rotaryFor nearly the past decade the Seward rotary club has been putting together funds and food to ensure every family in Seward can enjoy a thanksgiving feast.  In years past the rotary club has purchased the food and put together baskets based on family size using information provided by seaview community services.  Through this program last year 38 local families were given a thanksgiving meal basket.  This year, with the end of the seaview program, the secretary of Seward rotary, Linda Rae Olsen, was determined to ensure that every family in Seward was still able to have a thanksgiving meal.  She found a way to do this by teaming up the He Will Provide food bank.  Seward rotary took the 2800 dollars allotted to this project and wrote a check to He Will Provide. Through this donation the food bank was able to give 100 families thanksgiving baskets and will also be able to give 100 families Christmas meal baskets!  Rotary members got a chance to tour the new location for He Will Provide. Some Rotarians were also able to volunteer to help put together and give out the baskets. Member Chris Edgar noted how great it was to see people’s faces light up when they received their meal baskets and that some recipients were so happy they even cried.


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