Kenai Fjords National Park Weather Summary – November 2013

Dry conditions and clear skies prevailed in Kenai Fjords for most of November. As indicated by the 30-year normal (1981-2010), November typically ranks as the fifth wettest month of the year but it currently holds the position of the third driest month for this year.  Measurable precipitation was recorded at the Seward airport on nine days of the month with 79% of total precipitation occurring on three days, November 10th, 21st, and 24th (0.97, 0.68 and 0.59 inches, respectively.) Long dry spells resulted in a combined total of three weeks of sunny days that were often accompanied by strong winds at the Seward airport. Winds were strongest around the middle of the month with daily average wind speeds of 20.7, 19.8 and 19.6 mph on the 17th, 16th and 12th.  These high winds combined with low temperatures to create subzero wind chills. Shortly after this windy period, the first snowfall of the season occurred in town on November 21st

As recorded at the Seward airport, total precipitation for the month was 2.85 inches (39% of normal), 4.46 inches below the 30-year average (1981-2010) for the month. The monthly average temperature for November was 31.5 degrees F; 0.6 degrees F above the 30-year average.

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