Fused Glass Railing Installed at the New AVTEC Dorms

December 13, 2013 12:42 pm1 commentViews: 408

A fused glass railing that overlooks the second floor recreational area of the new AVTEC dorms.

A beautiful fused glass railing has recently been installed at the new AVTEC dorms by Anchorage artists, Barbara Yawit and Andy Daoust. Yawit and Daoust had been contacted by the State of Alaska back in July to propose an aquatic themed design as part of the Alaska 1%  for Art Program. Their selected work is made up of fused glass with a safety laminate layer to resist shattering. The front of the glass panes have 3D, wave-like texture with an iridescent coating to refract light at different angles, like the shimmering of Resurrection Bay in the sunlight.

The new AVTEC dorms are scheduled to open in January and an open house for the public is planned, although no date has been set.




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