Burny’s Fire Facts

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Burny’s Fire Facts

 December 2013 December 2013

Statistics in Alaska from 2006 to 2011 show that Christmas Tree related home fires were responsible for 1 fatality and 3 civilian injuries. These fires caused $1,140,000.00 in property loss.

During this same time period, in the month of December, electrical malfunctions attributed to 1 firefighter injury and $646,810,300 in property loss.

Christmas Tree Safety

♦Cut your own Christmas Tree or buy a fresh tree that is not shedding it’s needles.

♦Use a deep, sturdy stand and refill water daily.

♦Keep tree away from heat sources and don’t block exits.


♦Use lights that bear the label of an independent testing lab.

♦Discard lights with frayed, cracked wires and loose light sockets.

♦Don’t overload electrical circuits.

♦Unplug tree lights when sleeping or away from home.




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