5-5-5 Ski Challenge this Sunday

Seward Nordic Ski Club 5-5-5 Ski Challenge

Trail River Campground Group Area

January 5, 2014

Start time at the Gate, 11:00 am

Finish at group area, 4:00 pm

Awards at sunset

This is not a race but a ski challenge. Participants should look at the event as a celebration of winter sunlight – being outside from sunrise to sunset, socializing and skiing. The event is for all types of skiers – skate, classic, no wax.

Individuals and teams have 5 hours to ski and collect chips as they complete loops at Trail River Campground.  The challenge is to earn as many poker chips as possible.


Challenge Seekers – 5 hours

Solo – 55 chips

Pairs – 110 chips

Triples – 110 or super 150 chips

Family with nonwax or classic triple chips per loop



Limited Time Division – 55 minutes

Skate Skiing – 2 full loops

Classic Skiing – 1 full loop


Just for Fun Division

Show when you want, ski together, see how many chips you can gather.

When not skiing participants can stay warm at the fire-grill area under the shelter at Trail River Group Area.

River Terrace, Spruce Woods and Lake Shore Loops are all about 1 K long and worth one poker chip. The road back towards the parking area and back to the group area is 4 K and worth 5 poker chips but has hills and can be slower to ski. Skiers collect poker chips as they ski into the group area to hand-off to the next skier. In theory each person on a 5 person team will ski one hour although teams do not have to be a full 5 people. How teams decide to break up the 5 hours between themselves will be their choice. Many people enjoy the challenge of collecting 55 chips individually.

Participants should be aware that the ski club will groom the trail and start the fire. Participants should bring lots of drinks, food, wood for the fire and extra clothing. The first chips can be collected at the Group Area. Headlamps and backpacks will be a good idea.

For more information call – Barnwells at 224-5129

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