Seward Mural Society Accepts Holland America Check

unnamedSubmitted by: Dot Bardarson
Members of the Seward Mural Society are shown here accepting a check from Holland America to help financially with the murals that were painted in September during the Seward Music and Arts Festival.  Holland America is proud to be a sponsor of benefits to Seward in the form of grants.


The mural group was gathered to discuss plans for the up-coming gift of a mural from our sister city, Obihiro, Japan.  Seward will be hosting artists and dignitaries from Obihiro for about 10 days in 2014, during which time, the Seward Mural Society will assist them with painting and hospitality. A mural design has already been chosen by Obihiro which reflects what Obihiro is all about, horse racing, rolling hills, cows, a pastoral setting quite different form the mountains and ocean we have here. The location for the mural is yet to be announced.


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