Seward Health Fair

The Seward Health Fair will be on Saturday, November 9, 2013 at the AVTEC gym from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. AVTEC gym is located at 519 4th Ave. Seward, AK.

This year, the AVTEC Student Health Fair and Seward Community Health Fair will be combined for a 1/2 day event.

The Health Fair offers:

* Free Blood screening tests

* Free Blood pressure checks

* Free Weight and height checks

* Free Vision, hearing, and dental screenings

* Exhibitors teaching health and safety topics.

Blood tests offered at the Seward Health Fair may include:


* Cholesterol (lipid) panel, Comprehensive metabolic panel, and Blood count ($ 45.00). For this test clients will need to fast about 12 hours prior to blood collection – this means drink plenty water but do not eat any food before the test.

*Blood screenings for thyroid ($30.00)

*Prostate Disease screen ($25.00)

* Vitamin D screen ($50.00)

*Hemoglobin A1C ($25.00)

*Blood screen typing ($20.00)

*** Blood tests are available to people 1 years old and up. The blood tests results will be mailed to clients about 2 weeks after the collection. ***

For questions regarding this year’s Health Fair contact Alaska Health Fair at 907-278-0234 or go to the Alaska Health Fair website:


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