City of Seward, Crime

Busy Couple of Days for Police

Seward Police Department and the Ambulance Corps had a busy couple of days around the Labor Day weekend. Typical calls reported in the daily Police Journals, detailing incidents reported, (not counting routine traffic stops for lights out or speed)  included bar fights, domestic violence, driving under the influence, theft, threats, trespass, and black bears. Remember, these were only reported calls, not proven in a court of law.

Thursday August 29th, a man left the vehicle he was in Alaska State Troopers in hot pursuit,and fled on foot to avoid them. He was caught and apprehended by a Seward police officer, and then taken to the local jail. The vehicle was impounded by Glacier Towing, and taken to the impound lot.

Another man was arrested for fighting with a female outside Seward Brewing Company. He was arrested for Domestic Violence and Fourth Degree Assault.

An ambulance was requested to Lupine Lodge at Seward Mountain Haven to help a woman with a suspected head injury.

At the underpass near Essential One, an officer spoke to two individuals and requested a want/warrant check on them. He warned them of the laws regarding drinking in public and littering. No warrants were found, nor citations issued.

A patron of the Pit Bar who had been kicked out, threatened to burn the bar down, and upon leaving lit a fire in the dumpster. Bar staff soon put out the fire themselves. The man was described to the police as a white man in his late 20s-early 30s, 5’10” with a thick build and reddish-brown hair, a beard, and glasses. He was walking in the direction of town wearing a black hoody and a beanie. Troopers also were advised to keep a look out.

A young black bear was reported wandering around the Midnight Sun Apartments on the Phoenix Road side, at a little past 6:00 p.m. An officer responded and advised onlookers to give the bear space.

Someone stole a wallet from the Seward Animal Shelter, and officers soon located the suspect.

The Seward Fire Department was notified that the person who had started the dumpster fire outside the pit bar was back in the same area. The bar was told to call them back if needed.


Someone reported that a man she knew had entered her home while nobody was there, and without asking, had taken an item.  Later officers contacted the individual at his home on Nash Road. He was issued a Misdemeanor Complaint for Criminal Trespass and given a Trespass Advisement.

A little after one in the morning, a man was arrested for Driving Under the Influence. He was stopped at Seward Highway and Sea Lion Avenue and given a verbal warning for speeding. His Breathalyzer test was.170

Twenty minutes later, police arrested a woman for DUI. Her breath tested.105

State Troopers called for police assistance  at 4:28 a.m on a report at Nash Road of a man who was banging on someone’s door and shouting “help me.” He told police he had been assaulted by another man he knew.  That man was discovered at the house where the alleged assault had occurred earlier, and he was arrested for Assault in the Third Degree. His breath tested .165.

A cruise ship crew member reported that a bike he had borrowed to ride on had been stolen outside of Safeway.

An ambulance was called to help a woman who had been thrown from a horse near Resurrection River at old Nash Road, and reportedly sustained head, wrist and chest injuries.

Someone reported a man who had shot a black bear with a bow and arrow near the Glacier View Apartments. An officer arrived, and was informed that shooting an animal (with a bow and arrow) within city limits was legal, and that it was bear hunting season. She spoke with the man who had shot the bear, and found that he had a valid hunting license. (*see clarification below)

A father called 911 Dispatch to report that his daughter was choking, but during the course of the call, she coughed up the penny she had swallowed, and appeared to be fine, so no medical response was needed.

* (reporter’s note: According to Seward Police, it is legal to hunt in city limits, such as with a bow and arrow, but not to discharge a gun except when safe and in certain places such as at the rifle range, or at the airport, to shoot ducks, with prior notification and a special SPD permit.)



  1. Hunting IS legal within the city limits?

  2. Hunting with guns or shooting guns inside the city limits is not legal.

  3. From what I heard from an incident awhile back, bow hunting is legal in the city limits and nothing will be done about it till someone gets an arrow through the head.

  4. Or when someone gets hurt by the bear. I feel the city should put a stop to this. The incident a few years ago, the hunter did not kill the bear at first and it ran up the ally.