“Slugs Forever” Book Signing


You’re invited to a book release and signing party for Homer author Marianne Schlegelmilch’s new book “Slugs Forever” with illustrations by Kenai artist Maggie Winston.  Both the author and illustrator will be at Seward Community Library Museum on Saturday, August 24th from 11am to 1pm.  All proceeds benefit the Kenai Peninsula Independent Living Center.  A CD is included with the book.


“Slugs Forever! A Tale from an Alaska Backyard” is a lighthearted story of challenges and hope, problems and solutions, conflicts and resolution, but mostly it is a lesson in life that shows is that none of us are too small or too insignificant to matter, and that — in paraphrasing a popular Beatle’s song–love really is all you need.



One Comment

  1. Hello Marianne, I live in Anchorage but grew up in the Pacific Northwest. I just returned from my 50th high school reunion. I have 18 girls friends that we all have kept in contact with since we were in junior high and most since we were in grade school. We formed a club 50 years ago, “SLUGS”. It stands for nothing and we meet yearly for fun and love.
    I would love to get a copy of this book. How much is it and where is it sold. Interesting, our motto have been SLUGS forever. Please let me know where it is available. Thinking of X-mas gifts. Thanks! Mardy