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Balto Film Fest – Fireweed – Winner of the 48 Hour Challenge

“Fireweed” was selected as the 2013 Winner of the Balto Film Fest’s 48-hour Challenge starring two local Seward actresses, Hilda Lespron and Lauren Walker, and actor Charles A. Baird. It was created by Anchorage filmmakers Alex Troutman, Matt Jardin, Matt Underbakke, Erik Johnson, and Cail Hubert. The  teams were given just 48 hours to film, develop at storyline, and edit a five-minute film.

Fireweed Winner
Seward actors Lauren Walker and Hilda Lespron pose with the contest’s judge, Alaska State Senator Kevin Meyer alongside Anchorage actor Charles A. Baird, and Anchorage Filmmakers Alex Troutman, Matt Jardin, Matt Underbakke, Erik Johnson and Cail Hubert.

View “Fireweed” Here:






  1. Whoa! Scary stuff! Hitch-hikers beware…

  2. We Won! We Won! We Won!!!