Underage Exit Glacier partiers nabbed

By Heidi Zemach for SCN

Ten young people were charged with underage drinking by the Alaska State Troopers, along with some other charges during a party at the Exit Glacier camping area in the early hours of Friday July 5th. None were from the Seward area or its nearby surroundings.

Four between the ages of 19-20 were issued citations for Minors Consuming. They came from Anchorage, Montana, Colorado and Soldotna.


Several more of the young people had gotten in trouble with the law before, but the experience hadn’t deterred them from doing it again. Three of them already had one prior Minor Consuming conviction.  They were issued second Minor Consuming alcohol citations. One young woman from Soldotna had three prior Minor Consuming convictions and was arrested for Habitual Minor Consuming. Another young woman, 19, had two prior Minor Consuming convictions and was arrested for Habitual Minor Consuming. Another 19-year old Soldotna young man gave Troopers a false name. They were able to identify who he was, however, and this resulted in a $500 warrant and he was charged with filing a False Report. He had a warrant for his arrest and had provided false information to avoid being arrested for the warrant. He was arrested for the $50 warrant and for Providing False Information, and was remanded to the Seward Jail.

The camping areas along Exit Glacier /Herman Leirer Road, are big trouble spots for partying and campers there create excessive garbage every Independence Day, and throughout the summer. But a look at the Seward Police Journal for July Fourth shows similar activities happening throughout the City of Seward as well. These activities included bar fights, drunken driving, DUI-related vehicle crash, a hotel burglary, a brush fire, a person falling off a ship at the harbor, people feeding moose, bear sightings and much more.


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  1. Let’s be more proactive-Nabbed? sounds cartoonish, how about cited or arrested.
    This is a serious problem for those of us who live on Exit Glacier road.