Tuesday night shooting investigated

By  Heidi Zemach for SCN

Alaska State Troopers reported to police having received a 911 call from an individual reporting that someone in a red Toyota pickup truck had fired five shots near Hemlock Street and the Seward highway, before heading northbound at 11:33 p.m Tuesday, June 18th. The Seward Police Department responded to the troopers’ request that they search for any wounded victims. They spoke with several individuals who were in the area at the time, but could not find any victims. One person that they spoke with had a KAHR CW40, however, and admitted to shooting in a different location earlier in the evening. An officer seized the handgun and five 40 caliber shell casings that they found in the area. Seward Police Lieutenant Butch Tiner said it’s unclear what really happened, and no charges were filed to date, however the incident is still under investigation. At most, the individual could face a city code violation for firing a firearm within city limits, which carries a $300 fine.


On another matter entirely, police say they have received quite a number of calls about bear and cub sightings around town over the past couple of weeks. One recent call was at the base of the Jeep Trail on Mount Marathon. They responded, but did not see noteworthy aggressiveness shown in the bears. The nearby homes’ garbage was well secured, and did not seem to be causing bear-attractants.



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