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Moving Mr. Tuskface

2013 - 6-13 Moving the Elephant (13) 2013 - 6-13 Moving the Elephant (21) 2013 - 6-13 Moving the Elephant (23)“Mr. Tuskface”, the elephant, was a favorite with children at Bardarson Studio for 16 years, so when the building was sold, Dot Bardarson wanted to make sure nothing happened to him while looking for a new location. She Watco’d him annually to keep his luster. He was carved from one Monkey-Pod tree.  Dot and Linne found him when they were motorcycling in Thailand in 1989, and had him shipped to Seward.  During the gallery days, children would sit on him and have their pictures taken.  So did all the employees.


Mr. Tuskface” has a new home now at Woody’s Thai Restaurant.  Justin was thrilled to accept the loan of the elephant. With the help of Resurrection Rentals, Rolf and Leif Bardarson delivered the thousand pound elephant, causing astonished stares from tourists as it proceeded down 4th Avenue from the boat harbor.


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  1. That’s wonderful Dot. Thanks for letting more kids enjoy him and the rest of us admire him.