Cruise Transfer and Tours driver arrested for DUI

Forty six cruise ship passengers had an memorable experience Friday morning on their way to Anchorage on board an Alaska Cruise Transfer and Tours bus. According to the Alaska State Troopers dispatch, several passengers called 911 to report that their bus driver was driving very erratically, was highly intoxicated, and would not pull over.  The passengers called back a short time later to report that the driver had pulled over at mile 12 of the Seward Highway and was walking north.


Troopers report that the driver, Steven F. McKinley, age 33 of Anchorage, was intoxicated.  He was arrested for one count of DUI, 46 counts of reckless endangerment and remanded to the Seward Jail.



  1. Are you effing kidding me!

  2. “Alaska, the state where you can’t be too fat or too drunk” – Homer Simpson