City of Seward

Tonight’s City Council meeting agenda

TUESDAY, May 28, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.

1.  Introduction of 2013 Seward High School Exchange Students Meret Beutler and Karoline Ernst.

2.  Recognition of the Seward High Track Team and their Accomplishments at the State Tournament.

3.  Recognition of Retiring Dispatch Supervisor Shelia Squires.

4.  Recognition of Retiring Fire Chief David Squires.

Mayor, City Manager, Chamber of Commerce reports.


A.  Ordinances for Public Hearing and Enactment

1.  Ordinance 2013-008, Revising the City Code to Establish Electronic Notification Of Wait List Customers At The Small Boat Harbor.

2. Ordinance 2013-009, Revising the City Code to Eliminate Quarterly Moorage Rates At The Small Boat Harbor.

B.  Resolutions Requiring Public Hearing

1.  Resolution 2013-034, Recommending Kenai Peninsula Borough Approval Of The Preliminary Replat Of The Gateway Subdivision, Creating Four Tracts To Be Known As Tracts C4, C5, C6 And C7, Gateway Subdivision Addition No. 2 And Dedicating The Rights-Of-Way Extensions To Be Known As Olympia Road And Afognak Avenue, Located Within The SE ¼ Section 33; Within The Single Family Zoning District.

B.  Other Public Hearing Items


1.  Ordinance 2013-007, Amending The City Of Seward Code, Section 12.05.021, Adopting The 2012 Edition Of The International Residential Code (IRC), Including Revisions (Clerk’s Note: This ordinance is before the council tonight for public hearing testimony and discussion only and not for enactment at this meeting.  There will be a second public hearing of this nature at the August 12, 2013 council meeting, and a third for public hearing and enactment at the September 9, 2013 council meeting).

A.  Items Postponed from Previous Agenda – Ordinances for Public Hearing and Enactment (with an additional public hearing requested by council) 

1.  Ordinance 2013-006, Amending Seward City Code, Chapter 9.15, Health And Safety, Adopting The 2012 Edition Of The International Fire Code (IFC), Including Revisions.

*1.   Resolution 2013-036, Directing the City Administration to Dedicate Dog License Fees And Received, Targeted Donations for the Construction of a New Animal Shelter.

2.  Resolution 2013-037, Authorizing The City Manager To Enter Into A Grant Agreement With The Alaska Department Of Transportation Harbor Facility Grant Program For $1,137,254 And To Enter Into A Construction Contract With Orion Marine Contractors, Inc. In An Amount Not To Exceed $2,083,980 For The D-Float Replacement Project At The Seward Small Boat Harbor And An Additional $208,398 As A Project Contingency And Appropriating Funds.

3. Resolution 2013-038, Authorizing the City Manager to Modify the Purchase Agreement With R & M Steel Co. For The Purchase And Shipment Of A Steel Building Kit Authorized Under Resolution 2013-018 To Permit The Substitution Of Insulated Wall And Roof Panels For The Batt Insulation And Siding Originally Supplied For A Total Amount Not To Exceed $121,600.

*4.  Resolution 2013-039, approving the City Manager’s Appointment of Edward Athey as Fire Chief.

B. Other New Business Items

*1. Approval of the May 13, 2013 City Council Regular Meeting Minutes.

*2. Appoint Catherine Richardson to the Historic Preservation Commission with a term to expire May, 2016.

3. Discussion of transient merchants on city property. (Requested by Terry)

4. Discussion on council putting forward an advisory proposition for the upcoming October elections to increase the property mill rate by 1.0 mills to fund the library/museum bond and operating costs. (Requested by Seaward)

5. Discussion on lowering the sales tax from 4% to 3% during winter months of October through March, and back to 4% from April through September. (Requested by Seaward)



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