Obihiro Exchange Program Fundraiser

On Saturday, May 11 beginning at noon, young entrepreneurs Meret Beutler and Karoline Ernst will be selling a delicious gift for Mother’s Day at the entrance to Safeway –  beautifully-wrapped giant homemade cookies, $10 each, along with homemade lemonade for $2 a glass (free with cookie purchase). Proceeds will fund the High School Exchange Program with our Sister City – Obihiro, Japan. This year marks the program’s 40th anniversary. Meret and Karoline are this year’s selected representatives to travel to Obihiro in August as Seward’s Sister City Ambassadors.  Saturday, May 11th is Alaska Lemonade Day – a national program sponsored in Alaska by Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell and Wells Fargo to encourage young entrepreneurs, a program supported locally by Seward Safeway.


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