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Moose Pass 4-H Robotics

Members of the Moose Pass 4-H group enjoyed learning about Robotics this past spring.   Students met once a week after school and followed plans to build “robots” out of Legos.  The robots included an alligator, dancing man, spinning birds, an airplane, an owl, a fox and a snake.  Software was used to program the robots to perform basic movements.

MP 4H Robotics

On  April 24th  the students held a public presentation at Moose Pass School for parents and interested community members.   They presented the book The Gruffalo.  They built characters from the story out of Legos and programmed them to act out their role in the story.  The program will continue next fall.


Grant money from the Moose Pass Sportsman Club and the Seward Community Foundation was used to purchase four We Do Robotics kits and We Do licensed software.  The Seward Community Foundation is an affiliate of The Alaska Community Foundation, a statewide, non-profit organization that manages charitable funds allowing donors to advance a cause, support an organization or provide flexible support for community needs.  For more information visit



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