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Staff shuffle at new library museum.

Amy-Carney-photographs-ivory-sailboat artifact in preparation for the museum move. Heidi Zemach file photo.
Amy-Carney-photographs-ivory-sailboat artifact in preparation for the museum move. Heidi Zemach file photo.


By Heidi Zemach for SCN

The Seward Community Library Museum staff will be undergoing some changes. Tim Morrow has got a promotion to full time library museum technician. He’s been a part time library aide. Meanwhile his old library aide job is going to Carol Conant. Amy Carney, the Seward Community Library Museum & Archives Collections Coordinator is leaving to become the webmaster for the State Libraries Archives and Museum (SLAM) in Juneau, Alaska.

“Amy is the sort of person who’s a doer. She doesn’t blow her own horn too often, but she does get things done quietly and competently. We’ll miss her,” said Library Museum Director Patricia Linville.

Carney undertook a few big projects since she began working for the library and museum in July of ‘07. She, along with Lee Poleske, a local historian and volunteer museum curator produced the “Bits of History” series after Ryan Reynolds moved on. The series has more than 40 five to seven minute historical videos covering all aspects of Seward, Alaska’s past. The videos use archival records including photographs, maps, newspapers, and 16mm archival video footage, and are hosted and narrated by Poleske, himself an integral part of the town’s history. They are accessible on the Seward Library website, YouTube, and are posted on Seward City News. Carney and Poleske received Alaska State Historical Records Advisory Board (ASHRAB) archival Certificates of Excellence for their series, calling the vignettes “local history at its best.” That series is expected to continue.


Carney also oversaw the museum move across town into the new library museum building. That undertaking involved carefully conserving, cataloging, photographing, packing, and moving  a couple of thousand, often delicate museum artifacts, and then reversing the process in time for the new museum Grand Opening on May 11th.

“She rode herd on that one, that’s been her deal basically,” said Morrow. “It’s amazing how much work it took.”

Carney also added a social media presence, including Facebook and Twitter to the Library Museum. It was the technical skills that she brought to the library job and performed there however that most interested her new employers, she said.

Carney’s last day is May 11th,  the day of the museum’s opening. The city is currently advertising that position.




  1. Craig & Kate Turnbull

    Thank you Amy for all your hard work, you accomplished so much for our town. We wish you the very best in your new position. You will be missed!