The Grazing Moose needs your help

Joanie Merritt last summer at Grazing Moose. Heidi Zemach photo

Joanie Merritt last summer at Grazing Moose. Heidi Zemach photo

No this is not a plea for more willow on your property; if you have ever been to Seward’s only summer market you know that the Grazing Moose is a place that specializes in Alaskan grown organic produce, Alaskan made art and other products that are fair trade and environmentally friendly. The Grazing Moose is a place you can go where the proprietor, Joanie Merritt, takes a special interest in her customers and her merchandise. She can tell you the stories of the products she sells. She knows who made them, how they made them and when they came up with the idea for making them. Joanie is one of Seward’s special catalysts, she has shown this in her work with Seward organizations like the Arts Council and the Prevention Coalition but she also looks for and creates connections every day in her business. You can go into the Grazing Moose expecting to buy a turnip and come away knowing who might be able to offer your daughter violin lessons. Creative ideas and the passing of good information with other Sewardites come free and served with a smile.

Recently Joanie went out of town to visit with her mom who has been ill. It was a tough trip for her and while she was gone her shop caught on fire. A fire that apparently started on the porch left Joanie’s business charred on one side and smoke damaged throughout. We have started a fund for Joanie to repair the Grazing Moose. There will be a donation box at Resurrect Art for this purpose. Please stop by and give what you can to the cause. In a town where catalysts like Joanie are the way we run. Let’s help keep the smiles and information coming from a business that specializes in caring for us.


— CJ Rea, Raylene O’Connor and Eileen Eavis,


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  1. mark teckenbrock says:

    so sad to hear this!