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Murals, Police Cars, and Conflict Rulings-oh my!

The Seward City Council holds its regular meeting tonight, Tuesday March 26 at 7 p.m. It was postponed Monday due to Sewards Day. The council will consider a resolution officially authorizing the Seward Arts Council’s mural society to paint an International Friendship Mural in Obihiro, Japan in 2013, and appropriating $37,420 to fund the project. They will also discuss sending a city official to its unveiling in September. At last estimation, travel costs to Obihiro were upwards of $3,000.

The City Manager is asking for $46,000 to purchase a Ford Explorer for the police department, with the needed equipment.

There may be some citizens commenting on City plans to put exercise equipment that had been housed at AVTEC into the old museum, and make it available for public use, along with other Parks and Rec-related activities there. There is concern in the business community about the city competing with private enterprise, such as the local gyms.

The council plans to discuss declarations and rulings of conflict of interest. These have been a subject of division between certain council members and the mayor for some time, with Mayor David Seaward’s frequent conflict rulings based on the broad Common Law definition of what may constitute a conflict (i.e. Duty of Loyalty) rather than the more limited city code definition, which requires public office holders to be kept from discussing or voting on businesses that they stand to gain financially from.


Due to the mayor’s rulings, and subsequent lack of enough remaining members to overturn them, Christy Terry, ARRC dock manager, has been kept from participating in Alaska Railroad-related items, such as supporting the use of cruise-ship head taxes from going toward paving the ARRC parking area and providing new signage.

More recently, Marianna Keil and Vice Mayor Jean Bardarson, who serve on the city’s behalf on the Community Health Clinic Board, were not allowed to participate in discussions concerning the city’s future role in a FQHC clinic, and on the application process.

Charles Vaugt, of Waste Management of Alaska – Kenai, will give an overview of services that they currently provide in Seward.



  1. Mayor Seaward, I ask you to reconsider your stand on “conflict of interest”. This is a small town with a smaller # of good citizens prepared to invest their own time , sometimes at great expense, for the betterment of all. To restrict their involvement in community projects where there is obviously no financial gain is harmful to the community.

  2. I can’t believe that it was brought up that a VW Passat as a police patrol vehicle, Our department needs a vehicle for every officer and one that can handle the road and weather conditions that Alaska has, Don’t need them ran over by a 1 ton truck, Whats next pellet guns because there cheaper. And the Chief’s car is 10 years old he deserves a new car.