Fur Ball Tomorrow!

Only 1 more day till the big event! We know a lot of you are last minute kinda peeps so we know we’ll see you all at the pet walk Saturday morning at 11am, 10:30am registration. We have our fingers crossed for sun, but we know all you Alaskans will brave the liquid sun shine too. One Shot Photography will be taking pet family photos at Chinooks from 12noon-1:30pm, $5 for the photo! You don’t have to do the Pet Walk to do this…

The Fur Ball starts at 6pm, you can buy your tickets at the door!
Here is a little sneak peek at the appetizers offered up at the Fur Ball in the evening starting at 6pm:
Asparagus and Chevre Crostini
Pacific Cod and Scallion Wontons
Mushroom Phyllo Pastry
Braised Beef with Gorgonzola


Lamb & Feta Meatballs with harissa
Flour-less spiced chocolate cake.
All of this scrumptiousness will be offered with wines donated so graciously by Specialty Imports, K&L distributors and Odom–we can’t wait!!

We are receiving a lot of great donation items: spa packages, rafting trips for the Kenai and TRG rafting services in Talkeetna, fishing charters, gift certificates from Denali Brewing and jewelry galore! Silent Auction ends at 8:30pm!

Make sure you dress up in your best Alaskana/Duck Tape outfit. Best dressed gets a super prize! Costume contest at 8pm!
If you already have plans for the begining of Saturday night you can always come join the party later at 9pm when the Rockin’ Rebel Blues starts for only $10 at the door. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS! —



  1. So are donations tax deductable?

  2. We are not a 501c3 non profit organization, if that’s what you’re asking.

  3. No I was asking if the donations made to this event are tax deductable?

  4. No because we do not have 501c3 status. We hope to have that status next year though! Thank you for your support.

    • Donations to a municipality are generally claimed on your Federal Returns.
      Note: I am not an accountant

  5. Mr. Hunt, So it was stated this was a fund raiser for the Seward Animal Shelter not for the Municipality is the monies going to the shelter or the city? Plus, if the municipality is not a charity not sure how charitable donations would give one a tax deduction. Nor am I an accountant… it would be nice if an accountant had been consulted to be able to answer these questions for those that generously give as other wise it appears a bit deceptive.

    • It is not tax deductible, but I think everyone can agree that it’s a good cause.

    • To imply deception is insincere. The city was approached and will dedicate/ earmark the funds for the new animal shelter. Admin is preparing a resolution for council consideration. Council will decide if they would like to earmark dig license fees, too!
      Happy Sunny Easter

      • Thanks for being more direct, Jim.

        Hopefully the people of Seward realize that the animal shelter isn’t in place to trick our citizens into donating. 🙂

  6. My wife and I went to the Fur Ball last night, what great time we had. Fantastic music, great food and wine, nice people, the place was packed.

    I hope they raised a lot of money for such a great cause.

    We are definitely going next year. Good job to everyone that put it together.

  7. Thank you accountant for clearing that up. Thank you Mr Hunt for also clearing up what the monies were being raised to fund as it seemed to me they were being raised for the current animal shelter so it was somewhat confusing. Certainly a new shelter would be a wonderful thing as our current one is pretty old and delapidated looking even though there seems to be an attempt at some improvements by the current ACO. What type of revenue is generated yearly from dog licensing?

    • Excellent Public relations and customer service should be the city’s number one priority especially from those who’s six figure salaries come from tax payers. Thank you to city employees who do go beyond the call of duty to help the public.

      I am still waiting response from the city administration if donations are tax deductible. Has anyone donated directly to the city for a service it provides and received tax deductions?

      The link below is an example of how Anchorage has it’s donation form set up. Seward should be able to do the same.