Win a Kindle Fire

“I Love Reading” Adult Reading Raffle is taking place at Seward Community Library Museum through March 9th. Read a book (any format), enter your name, and you could win a Kindle Fire! Must be 18 or older to participate. Contact the Library Museum at 224-4082 with any questions.




  1. I really want to win this because my parents are not buying me this since i have a laptop:(Well i only want to read in the dark when im riding my bus to school)…I tried asking my friend if i could borrow hers but it didn’t worked out..The worst part of my life is that i can’t go to a library since my mom can’t drive yet because she got pregnant with my half brother when she was almost ready to finish driving school-_-And any who my step dad is like 60 and you know those things happens when you(anger problems)And he just don’t want to be disturb when he is working…

    • Mildly suspicious of Miss Florie’s residence. Perhaps she could convince the community of her veracity.

  2. Florie

    Thank you for sharing. It’s great to hear you like to read. With your parents permission, I would like to donate a Kindle Fire to you in hopes that you will help others. You can help by volunteering to read at the place of your choice: senior center, retirement home, library etc…

  3. Florie is such an unusual name. I have never heard it before or know anyone here named that. I did find a Florie Jo Alicer after doing a google search. She lives in P.A. It appears she is reading a book called Drivers Ed (see goodreads.com). Perhaps you know her…

  4. I googled the name and found that this person is from Pittsburg Pennsylvania.

  5. I feel the Mayor’s comment was excellent! He didn’t call her out on the items in her post, but gave her the opportunity to step forward and volunteer at a place of her choice in town. She is likely not from Seward, but that would soon become evident. Points such as…with your parents permission, volunteering…are clever 🙂 Thank you for stepping forward Mayor Seaward.

  6. That being said…she wrote that she couldn’t get to the library because her mom never finished driving school and her stepdad was old (and angry). How, then, would she be able to fulfill the mayor’s requirements if she can’t get anywhere? It just seems like the mayor, although seemingly well intentioned, is not very observant.

  7. Way to go, Mayor Seaward.

    The schmucks in this town will find fault in every single thing you do — don’t listen to ’em.

  8. curious…if she truly is a student in Seward schools, she can volunteer to read at the Elementary School during the day. No need for special transportation. Perhaps your observation of the Mayor’s comment didn’t take note that he left it open to Florie.

  9. I have just finished the twilight series. It was GREAT! I would love to except this device due to Money issues I am not able to buy this great electronic.