Seaveys win Tustumena Races

Two Seavey family mushers took top place in the Tustumena 200 and Tustumena 100 sled dog race over the weekend on the Kenai Peninsula. The trail ran from Tustumena Lake past Clam Gulch to Homer. Mitch Seavey took first place in the T-200, followed by Ray Redington and Jeff King in second and third place.

Conway Seavey, Mitch’s son, and brother of last year’s Iditarod Race champion Dallas took first place in the Tustumena 100. Travis Beals, of Seward, who will be a rookie at the Iditarod, came in 8th place in the T-200.


Mitch Seavey told Kenai Peninsula Clarion reporter Beth Bragg he had been having a good time taking it easy while training his dogs when he suddenly found himself heading up the race, and in serious competition with these other top Alaska mushers. It was then that he decided to make a real race of it.
A female dog on Paul Gebhardt’s team and a male dog on Nicolas Petit’s team apparently died on the trail during the 200-mile race, however according to the event’s Facebook page. Those deaths are under investigation.


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