Slushy Road Conditions

Getting AroundRain, snow and slush made life miserable around Seward today–especially for those getting around in a wheelchair. In this photo, taken near 6th Street on Railway Avenue, Linda pushes Jerry with difficulty in the roadway toward their destination-G.C.I. As luck would have it, traffic was light along Railway, and just after this photo was taken, a helpful gentleman offered to help Linda with the pushing.




  1. Sure don’t miss shovelling that place!

  2. To the city of Seward. There are way more wheel chair bound people in our community than you think. There are many difficulties on the sidewalks of our streets for these people trying to live independent lives. I urge you to go forward with fixing all these problems on the sidewalks and the crosswalks so we can truly be a wheel chair friendly town. The sidewalk in front of City Hall on Adams street is one example of many problems for wheel chairs trying to get around the city.

    • If they want to be so independent they can realize the dangers of wheelchair verses winter conditions and call a cab until the roads are properly plowed.

  3. I have one thing to say. The comment by (today) is rude crude and not liked by me. Intell you have walked wheeled in there shoes perhaps alittle compassion would be expected. Perhaps money is short and times are hard.