Site Editor Pushes Wrong Button

Good day readers of Seward City News.  I have been enjoying the new site theme and have been working too tighten the options so as to present the most recent information on the site in a coherent way.  When I work on the theme options, the site offers two buttons at the bottom of each page, one is Save Changes and the other is Reset All Options.  At some point last night I must have pushed the button Reset All Options.  This is why the site looked so different this morning, it had reverted to it’s original, showy theme with all of the options we might use if this site were NYT.Com.  I have readjusted the options to show the site as it has been but these things take some time to reset on individual computers.

This was my mistake and I apologize to our readers.  I’ll continue to work at getting things back to normal.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Paul Tougas



907 491 0008



  1. oops-glad you were able to fix it!

  2. Thanks Brent, I about spit my coffee this morning when I checked the site on my way out the door. It’s back to normal now. Thank you to you and many of our other readers who emailed to let us know. Paul T.