Seward Schoolyard Habitat Program:

Community Planning Meeting
February 27th 6:30 to 8:30 PM, Seward High School Auditorium
Some great project ideas for the Seward schools include:
• Enhance and beautify the school grounds by developing native plant gardens to attract birds, pollinators and small wildlife


• Expand and upgrade existing wooded trails and design new trails to improve access to the amazing wild areas within the school grounds
• Design interpretative signs and build bird feeders and bird houses for along the trails Build a covered outdoor classroom and wildlife viewing area
Your attendance and participation is needed to ensure our Schoolyard Habitat project benefits not only the students and the school but also the community! Come share your project ideas!



  1. All of these ideas sound great except one. Filled bird feeders during the spring, summer and fall will attract bears to the trails BIG TIME. Good idea for winter snowshoeing, hiking and skijoring though!

  2. What about attracting bears with bird feeding, that could be deadly for those walking the wooded trails.

  3. The concerns raised about bird feeders are totally valid. And so this would be part of the educational side of this project. We cannot feed the birds when the bears are still active.