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Busy Little School, Busy Little Town

By Heidi Zemach for SCN

Seward High School and the town generally will be extremely busy over the next few days and this weekend, even if those sturdy yellow school busses have to drive through snow blizzards to get here.

The Seward Seahawk Classic basketball tournament is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, February 7-9 at Seward High School. Meanwhile, the National Ocean Sciences Bowl will use the other half of the school February 8, 9, and 10. The visiting basketball teams are expected to bring an additional 72 student athletes into the school, not including fans and coaches. NOSB will bring another150 students, plus many more coaches, timers and other local volunteers.

The SHS Winter Formal is on Saturday, February 9th, at Seward Elementary.


If you have not seen it before, NOSB is a great event, where you can sit in as student contestants answer rapid-fire questions related to our marine environment. Test your own knowledge against theirs, privately of course, and learn from the correct answers. There are also oral scientific presentations by each team, who come here from across Alaska. They are accompanied by Power-Points, often with interesting photos, graphics, and sometimes even video. Sit in and learn about some cutting-edge research being done on important issues such as Ocean Acidification, Global Climate Change, over-fishing, who knows? Here’s your chance to learn from these enthusiastic budding marine scientists.

There are also parent/teacher conferences. With the co-curricular events occurring in the evening, Seward High will host Parent/Teacher Conferences on a more traditional schedule. The morning sessions will run from 8:00am-11:00am and the afternoon sessions will run from 12:00pm-3:00pm on both Thursday, February 7th and Friday, February 8th. Feel free to contact your teacher directly and schedule an appointment (even if it is outside of our Parent/Teacher schedule). You can do this by calling the schools’ main number at 224-3351, or by emailing your child’s teacher directly. Their email address is their first initial and last name

Seward High is now web streaming all of its sports events. To access Seward High co-curricular events online, simply go to our homepage  The Seward High Webcast (live stream) can be found under “Important Links” on the right side of our homepage (near the bottom). The school also is looking for broadcasters so that they can add audio commentary during events. If there are latent sports broadcasters out there, contact SHS Principal Trevan Walker at 224-9077 or


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