Seward man directs new play in NYC

2004 Seward High School graduate Kenny Faust’s theater company, Secondhand Theater, will be staging the original play Twitterverse, at Shetler Studios and Theaters in New York City from February 11th through the 16th. The original play was written by Kenny’s friend Tom Livingston while he was living and working in Seward during the summer 2012. Twitterverse is a story about venture capitalist John Silverback who tries to quantify human happiness on the stock market. Soon Wall Street is in an uproar and Mr. Silverback is missing. A play with something for everyone. Artistic Director and founder of the Secondhand Theater Company, Kenny Faust, graduated from Seward High School in 2004 and went on to get a degree in acting and directing from Eastern Oregon University in 2008. He then became certified as an actor in New York City at the Stella Adler School of Acting in 2010. Kenny’s interest in theater started in Seward High School’s drama class under Dan Marshall. Many locals may remember when he co-starred with Chad Adams in Robin Hood, The Next Generation in 2004. Kenny has been living and enjoying life in New York City for the past four years. Anyone traveling to New York in February can get tickets through Smarttix Entertaintainment Services or if you are interested in becoming a sponsor of his production you can find Twitterverse on, they have a shoestring budget and welcome any amount of support.

Kenny Faust in NYC

Kenny Faust in NYC


Chad Adams and Kenny in Robin Hood 2004

Chad Adams and Kenny in Robin Hood 2004


  1. Congratulations, Kenny! That is just stupendous!!

    It’s amazing how many of our Seward HS drama students go on to excel in theater!

    Thanks, Mr. Marshall, Mark T, the incredible students, and all the dedicated parents who help make this happen.

    Carol Griswold

  2. Rhonda Milton says:

    Good for you Kenny and Congratulations!! That is quite an accomplishment. Even with your upbringing by amazing parents and the best community ever to grow up in, you still have to have the drive and vision to achieve. You obviously have that. Wishing that this is the first of many plays in your theater company and many years of success. Seward is proud.