Seward Legislative Information Office

Alaska’s Legislative Information Offices can help you:
Effectively navigate and use the Alaska State Legislature website, testify at hearings, send public opinion messages, read a bill, watch hearings, track bills,and understand how Alaska’s government works. Constituents can be proactive, informed, solve problems, create solutions and change laws.

The week’s hearing schedule can be accessed on the Alaska Legislature website from BASIS.


Other services that can be provided are: assistance with Permanent Fund Applications and notary for state documents. First time filers for the Permanent Fund can bring in their passport or birth certificate to have it verified and transmitted to the Permanent Fund division. Paper applications are available at the LIO located at 302 Railway Ave. Suite 107. Office hours are 8AM to 4:30PM. The phone number is 224-5066 or for out of town residents 855-824-5066.



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