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Kenai Peninsula Borough Seeks Advice on Management of Public Lands

Media Release: January 23, 2013

Soldotna, Alaska- In an effort to bring the borough’s Municipal Entitlement Land Grant to finality, Mayor Mike Navarre encourages the public to get involved in the effort of identifing which state lands should be granted to the borough for local management. “By getting involved you can help us identify the remaining 28,000 acres of state land the borough should select for local government use, community development, and expansion,” said Mayor Navarre. The borough mayor has directed his Land Management staff to seek out those state lands most appropriate for local purposes. In addition to reviewing maps, plans and other land data, he is deploying borough staff to collect information from the people of the peninsula to help the borough make the best land selections. “An involved process will identify the most appropriate lands that have local significance for our communities,” said Navarre.

Central to this public outreach effort, the borough has put together a land use and land management survey tied to the borough’s popular online web mapping service. “We are using cutting edge technology in an interactive map which allows people, from their home computer, to give input to the project team on the municipal entitlement land grant issue with pinpoint accuracy” said Marcus Mueller, Borough Land Management Officer. The online interactive map survey is a parcel by parcel approach to the question of how public lands should be managed and whether ownership by the state or the borough best fits people’s perceptions.

The borough sees this effort as a meaningful step forward, not just with identifying the parcels for the municipal entitlement land grant, but also allowing people to provide very direct input on planning and community vision. “When people communicate what is important to them in the context of public land management, it will be a great advantage to our land use planning and land management efforts, and it will also assist those neighboring city, state and federal managers as well,” voiced Max Best, Borough Planning Director.

Under the Mandatory Borough Act of 1964 and the 1978 Municipal Entitlement Act, A.S. 29.65.010, the Kenai Peninsula Borough is entitled to receive 155,780 acres from State land holdings. This is the opportunity for borough communities to identify a sufficient land base for growth and development. Additionally, Mayor Navarre notes, “This land grant entitlement from the state provides an economic resource base to help the municipality function. These are lands of local importance: for schools and fire stations, for community expansion and private ownership, for public purposes, for local land use plans, and for resources and revenue to the borough.”

The borough encourages you to participate in the scheduled meetings and with the interactive web site. For the meeting schedule and the interactive map

The public input land survey will be available online until February 28, 2013. Borough administration will then bring this issue to the borough Planning Commission in March and forward a resolution to the Assembly in April. With public input the borough intends to make the best of this land grant process. The final selection will shape communities and give us the land base that the people will have to work with in this generation and in the future.

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