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Frozen Ghost Trees

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Posted: 05 Dec 2012 11:06 AM PST


Here is another one from my hike last weekend.

Standing dead trees usually only remain standing for a couple of years in these parts thanks to our wet, extreme weather.  The wet rots the wood, and the wind and heavy snow takes care of the rest.

So for these dead trees to be still standing after 50 years is remarkable.  The reason they are still standing is interesting.  This area subsided during the huge Alaska earthquake of 1964 and that allowed this area to be flooded by the nearby ocean.  When the trees sucked up the salt water it killed the tree, but also preserved it.  After time, the weather turns the trees white which is why they are often called ghost trees.  These trees are extra white in this photo thanks to the snow and frost.  There are numerous examples of these trees along the coast throughout South-central Alaska.


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