4 December Borough Assembly Report

4 December 2012 Borough Assembly Meeting Report
By Sue McClure

During the committee meeting time prior to our regular meeting, we heard a report from KPB Land Management concerning the municipal entitlement process. They have put together a plan for requesting the remaining State lands that are due the borough. Expect a series of public input meetings soon, as many acres are in our District 6. Meetings are being scheduled for Hope, Moose Pass and Cooper Landing APC’s as well as other local entities. Stay tuned for announcements. We also received the draft version of the State funding priorities for 2013. This includes Capital Project requests from communities and service areas, as well as the cities, including Seward, and the Capital Project priorities for the KPB. Of note is KPB Tier 1 #1 priority: an asking for $5,000,000 for Seward Bear Creek flood mitigation, which would establish a capital fund devoted to ongoing flood mitigation, including a 0.25 mill tax rate increase in the service area to generate local matching funds.

At the regular meeting we heard the quarterly report from the KPB School District, indicating a projected small enrollment increase, and our ranking as top performing large district in Alaska on standards based assessments. The district has not requested an amount for local funding as yet, but will once they know the impact of the new negotiated agreements. There will be a budget presentation in Seward at the SHS library on February 19, 5:30 PM. We also heard a positive quarterly report from South Peninsula Hospital.


We passed a number of resolutions on the consent agenda, including Resolution 2012-091, which provides for the issuance and sale of general obligation bonds not to exceed $1,400,000 to pay the Bear Creek Service Area’s new fire station. The service area voters had approved this in 2007. We also passed resolutions approving the 2013 labor negotiation procedures, and supporting the naming of the KPB as a Purple Heart Borough. We moved three ordinances on for public hearing at the January 8 meeting. One of those, Ordinance 2012-19-41, authorizes the acquisition of properties by Central Peninsula Hospital, using $3,591,500 from their plant replacement fund. Another, Ordinance 2012-39, would require notice by mail to owners of property in or near zoning districts proposed to be created, amended, or abolished.

We passed four ordinances by unanimous consent with no public input received. Of these, one of local interest, Ordinance 2012-19-38, appropriates $400,000 from the general fund to deal with gravel deposited in the Old Mill Subdivision as a result of the emergency removal during the fall flood.

Our next meeting will be January 8, as we have only one meeting in December. Remember, the meetings are broadcast in the Seward area on FM 88.1. The borough’s website has all sorts of information: www.borough.kenai.ak.us. My phone number is 224-6784, and email is smcclure@borough.kenai.ak.us. Also, the Seward Annex Office in Sea View Plaza, and the Seward Bear Creek Flood Service Area Office next door are great sources of information.


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