Letter of Thanks

On behalf of Seward Parks and Recreation and the Teen and Youth Center, we would like to thank everyone who helped us make the Halloween Carnival such a fun success.

Thank you to our co-sponsors Seahawk Athletic Booster Club for the assistance in advertisement, recruiting, and accounting.  Special thanks to Kim Reierson & Martha Fleming.  To members of the Seahawk Boosters; Erin Knotek, Raylyn Zweifel, Julie Lindquist, Amy Mow, Rachel James, Teri McKnight, Sharon Ganser, Terry Estes and Peggy Hamner, for helping with ticket sales. We appreciate you!

Thank you to Louie Bencardino, and Christy Terry of the Alaska Railroad for the use of the terminal and all the assistance.  It’s a perfect facility for this annual community event.  A huge thank you to Connie and Ron with Dependable Janitor for the incredible support of cleaning after the event each year.

Thanks to AVTEC for loaning us the table and chairs.  Thanks go to the City of Seward Public Works Dept and the Seward Volunteer Fire Department for your assistance with the dunk tank, thank you Rich Adelmann, Steve Audette, Eddie Athey, Jonathan Gage & Stefan Nilsson. Thanks also to the Music & Arts Festival for loaning the felt backdrop.

Thank you to “Farmer” Pat and Dennis “The Chicken” Perry for volunteering each year to run the Chicken Hoop booth.  We truly appreciate the assistance.    Thanks to Caleb Cannady for your help cleaning ups and hauling supplies.

To the members of our TYC Councils and parents, thanks for your help decorating, setting up, running booths, sitting in the dunk tank and cleaning up! Shelly, Ashley and  Maria Jackson,  Sarah and Connor Spanos,  Daisy and Rose Terry, Hunter Hollingsworth, Haley Boor, Hayley Unrein, Jaden Van Dyke, John and Maille Moriarty, Charlie Mack, Eddy Olesiuk, Logan Smith, Tia Miranda, Rhett Sieverts, Sully and Kinze Hauze, Elena Hamner, Eli Davis, Egor Sturdy, Tessa Adelmann, Neeka Erchinger, Brooke Estes, Hayden Tiner, Cambria Robinson and Kiana Clemens.


A big thank you to all the groups, classes, organizations & churches who gave up their evening to provide a fun activity at the various booths.  Last but not least, thank you to everyone who came down and spent part of your evening at the Halloween Carnival.  It truly was a wonderful community event.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season!

Shareen Meehan Adelmann

Program Supervisor,

Seward Parks and Recreation


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  1. Thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible. It was a great event (as usual) for the entire family!