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Four Points Productions presents:

The Deadly Gentlemen In Concert
Wednesday Nov 7th, 2012; 7:30PM
The Rae Building; 125 3rd Ave, Seward AK
$12 ~ At The Door
For More Info: Mark ~ 224-6800
Based out of Boston Mass, The Deadly Gentlemen are comprised of:
Greg Liszt, banjo and vocals
Stash Wyslouch, guitar and vocals
Mike Barnett, fiddle and vocals
Dominick Leslie, mandolin and vocals
Sam Grisman, double bass and vocals.


The DG are self-described as:
“…an experimental spoken word bluegrass band, but we’ve changed the game plan this time around. Now we mostly play epic folk and grasscore..
“…a nonstop orchestration of somewhat unconventional vocals, with everybody in the band doing everything they can. Expect a lot of three-part harmony singing, group shouting, really dense rhymes…”

A lot of the songs’ lyrics started out as miniature epic poems based on folk songs. That’s where the term “epic folk” comes from. The grasscore songs are the ones where everybody in the band throws caution to the wind and goes completely berserk. Kind of the punk or hardcore mentality, but applied to bluegrass.”

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