Noble Discoverer arrives in Seward

The Noble Discoverer, lit up like a giant Christmas tree, moved slowly down the bay and eased into the Railroad Dock this evening under an almost full moon.

Submitted by Carol Griswold




  1. Just so you know… This rig is the Noble Discoverer. NOT Deepwater Horizon, which is the rig that hat the misfortunate blowout in 2010. I am sure (hope) this is just a mistake.

  2. Oops! Thanks for the quick correction!

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  4. It was quite calm when they arrived. Several vehicles were lined up along the Greenbelt to see the spectacle, a few more followed it to the Uplands as I did, and yes, there were several by the Railroad Dock.

    No frogmen, no federales, no problems with curious Sewardites or our cameras. It was so interesting to watch the powerful tugs gently push the rig to the dock, their engines rumbling and the backwash surging. It was an impressive light show we probably won’t see again for a while.

    We are lucky to be able to witness events like this without the Outside paranoia.


  5. The Noble Discoverer was a log carrier built in 1966,
    it was converted to a turret moored drill ship in 1976
    and has been upgraded and refurbished twice in the
    last 10 years to work in the U.S. Arctic.
    The Phoenix Log stated it was built in 1976. Heard the Shell fleet might be heading for Seattle soon anyway, I was looking forward for the work for the longshoremen.