Bears out on Halloween

At 8:54 p.m. Halloween night someone called the Seward police to report a black bear they saw near the Jesse Lee Home. That hillside street, and especially Dora Way just above it, are popular trick-or-treat spots. An officer responded but was unable to locate the bear. While there, however, someone reported seeing a bear at Great Bear Circle. The officer responded, and must have seen one as he set off cracker shells to scare the bear away, according to the Police Journal.
Incidentally, at least one elementary school-age child I know of planned to trick-or-treat as a bear. He was going to wear the actual bear skin of the bear that his father had hunted. Luckily, there were no police reports of children being shot at last night.





  1. I’ll use this as an opportunity to thank everyone in that neighborhood for putting on a good show and being great to all the little kids out trick or treating. It’s pretty awesome how pretty much everybody over there gives out candy and decorates so well. Thanks a ton, you folks rock!

  2. One would hope that most folks would find it a bit odd that a “black bear” was holding a treat collection recepticle in one hand, his (human)mother’s hand with the other hand, and walking (on two legs) with a large group of children.

    But then again, it could have been a bear disguised as a human.

  3. Thanks Brett for yet another chuckle. Yes if my little bear would have went trick or treating we would have fit your description and added a few glow stick necklaces. But, unless there was another bear costume out there made from a real bear, that is an big assumption we were planning on trick or treating. For one thing Mr. Bear really freaked out dogs. We were happy just doing the Halloween carnival, which by the way i am so glad to see do a come back.