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Register for Tai Chi at the REZ

Tai Chi teacher Julie Rosier is offering a semester of Beginner Tai Chi at REZ Fitness from Oct. 14 to Dec 22. Classes will take place on Saturdays from 4 to 5 p.m., with the exception of Nov. 24, the weekend of Thanksgiving. A registration fee of $120 classes includes ten sessions as well as one make-up class offered towards the end of December.

Tai Chi Ch’uan is an ancient Chinese martial art form, consisting of slow relaxed movements for total self development. This practice helps to cultivate and circulate chi, or life-force energy, which increases muscle strength, balance and flexibility. It is also a system of spiritual meditation and preventative Chinese medicine, which allows for stress reduction and healthier living.

Rosier teaches the yang style short form, which consists of 37 postures as developed by Tai Chi Master Cheng Man-Ch’ing. She studied in New York City and Detroit for five years, under the tutelage of renowned senior student of Professor Cheng’s, Maggie Newman as well as Carol Yamasaki. She also incorporates teachings on Classical 5 Element Chinese Medicine and Taoist phi-losophy into the curriculum.


This slow-motion, moving meditative exercise promotes relaxation, health and self-defense in students of all ages and body-types. For information or to register for fall semester visit or call REZ Fitness, 231 Fifth, 224-6506 or email Julie Rosier,




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