Moving Day




  1. I don’t know why this cabin is being moved or where it was going but I did have time to snap a quick picture.

    Who owned this cabin and where will it’s new home be?

    Paul Tougas

  2. Don’t know where it’s going but Gerry and Polly Lorz built it. It was the original House of Diamond Willow Gift Shop. Gerry and Polly’s house was right behind it (now torn down). Every year Gerry planted tons of nasturtiums so the yard was a yellow, red and green flowering extravagnza.

  3. I loved that cabin with the nasturtiums in full bloom ♥

  4. At one point the house behind it was the Kowalski’s. Spent alot of time there growing up.

  5. ~in a small town...


    And now, it’s a redneck motorhome.

    Still are a few empty places out at
    Bear Creek trailer park, aren’t there?

    Everyone should demand equal rights
    to have a mobile house, start a new/old
    tradition to express conservative values.
    Put a cross on it, and we’ve got religion.

    ~in a small town…
    kenai mountains, ak.

  6. someonewhoknowsmovers

    To the new owner,,,CONGRATS you are the best person to have gotten the house, as you will not forget its history… CONGRATS!!!!!!