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ARRC new print features Seward again

For the second year running, the Alaska Railroad Corporation has selected a Seward scene to be featured for its state-wide limited-edition print. The 2013 print it commissioned features a coal train arriving in Seward in the evening, under a full moon that lights up Resurrection Bay and the Kenai Mountain Range. In the distance a cruise ship prepares to leave. It was painted by painter Susan Watkins, of Eagle River.


“I wanted to show the Alaska Railroad’s role as an economic engine, supporting both resource development and tourism industries,” Watkins stated in an ARRC press release. “The Alaska Railroad is at the forefront, working as a catalyst for different industries operating side-by-side in harmony,” said Watkins. “Trains have always held such a romantic appeal to me, none more so than the picturesque Alaska Railroad against its majestic backdrop. I envisioned the coal train coming into Seward on a crisp, clear moonlit night like we have in Alaska at the end of summer. In the distance are the season’s final cruise ships with their passengers onboard already enjoying their Alaskan adventure, while a Seward family out on an evening sail goes by.”
Last year, a train arriving in Seward, with a backdrop of Mount Marathon, sea otters and a soaring eagle was painted by Wasilla artist Taffina Kakus. The name of that print was “Seward Solidarity”
The Alaska Railroad has commissioned and released a new print every year but one since 1979. Last year’s print was the first one to feature Seward, however. Next year’s print theme will be the Hurricane Turn flag stop and/or the railroad’s role in the community of Nenana. The annual Alaska Railroad artwork is a favorite among rail fans and Alaska art collectors. ARRC will release its 2013 annual poster/print at three public sale-and poster-signing events featuring artist Watkins in Anchorage, Seward and Fairbanks. She will be at the Seward Holiday Arts& Crafts Fair that Friday, at the Dale Lindsey Intermodal Terminal.   from 5:00-9:00 p.m.



  1. Arlene & Greg Carpenter

    November 50?

  2. Seward view? RR tracks haven’t run along the waterfront in 50 years. I wonder when the artist last visited.

    • I think it’s called “artistic liberty” and not meant to be a factual representation.

      It’s a nice print.

  3. I do not see this as a Seward view at all!

  4. And since when does the moon either rise or set in the north?

    and the most attractive train they could choose was a coal train? With that choice, why didn’t they use the cars with grafitti on them…lol

  5. What would you rather see, the pit bar and the coal plant?