ADN article on Giessel/Devon race


“When Alaska’s first state Legislature convened on Jan. 26, 1959, there was one independent in the two chambers: a fellow from Naknek by the name of Jay S. Hammond. The last independent to serve in the Legislature was Edward Willis of Eagle River, elected 18 years ago.


Ron Devon, 56, a former mall retailer, is hoping to add his name to that short list.”

For those who wish to read more of┬áthis interesting article by Anchorage Daily News reporter Richard Mauer, printed yesterday in ADN, here’s the link.



  1. The only thing you need to read in this article is the part where Giessel says that she will not answer questions from the media (or presumably her constituents) and told the ADN reporter that he should just read her website.

    She knows her views are extreme and that she has dodged so many questions that her time is running out before people start to demand answers to her beliefs and opinions on issues. if people were to figure out what she stands for she wouldn’t have a chance – her best bet is to hide and that is what she is trying to do.

  2. In response to article concerning Senator Cathy Giessel. She has hosted on her own dime multiple town-hall meetings with her constituents including in Bear Creek, Cooper Landing, Nikiski, Sterling, Hope, and even hosted one in Seward as recently as October 16th (Seward Community Library 7-8 PM). If you think that she hasn’t been accessible, then you simply haven’t been paying attention.

    It seems her opponent would like to change the fact that Senator Giessel has spent the majority of the summer and fall on the Kenai Penninsula when her opponent has been “missing in action.”

    • She took several weeks to return a phone call. When she did, first she was pointedly annoyed about a call on her home telephone, which is the number she herself provides on her campaign website and Facebook, and then answered questions with a direction to read her website. Which didn’t have the information the constituent was asking for.

    • She’s not accessible. Listening to a speech and canned talking points isn’t anything close to being able to ask a genuine question and get a real response.

      I don’t get why the activity of campaigning and knocking on doors is important or has some implicit measure of value for a constituent and voter. What does that do for me? Isn’t that their own self-serving mission?

  3. There is a big difference between ‘being accessible’ and answering questions about her viewpoints and previous statements that were extreme or offensive.

    I was at the town hall meeting and she repeatedly refused to answer my questions or to give specific responses to questions about specific issues such as subsistence fishing, the state budget, and education in Alaska. She denied making statements that she made at different speaking events and were on the internet related to education, and when the facts didn’t agree with her opinion, claimed that I was incorrect.

    She has made herself available for photo-ops and shaking hands like any good politician, but like the ADN article and my previous post states, she will not answer questions about her previous statements or important issues affecting the state.

    • No, you’re right. That is her modus operandi.
      When she does answer, frequently it’s untruthful, evasive, or she answers with off-the-cuff remarks that turn out to be just plain wrong. Like she thought no one else would know or check. Or perhaps she’s simply underinformed and doesn’t realize it? I dunno, I’m trying to be generous.

      I don’t give a hoot about party affiliation or what church they go to. I want elected representatives to REPRESENT. There are times that they WILL have to set aside their own opinions and go with the majority of the area’s citizenry. I don’t expect them to know everything. I expect them to be honest, open to constituent ideas and values. I can’t stand politicians who think they know best, feel superior in intellect, analysis and philosophy, and want to have it their way.

      She DOES NOT acknowledge and denies contradictory statements. On record. That she says in the presence of others. That people accurately remember she said.

      She adamantly supports the Pebble Mine and will not rationally discuss it. She simply pretends that there is no mine and repeats that over and over. This is a major issue that affects Alaska and very specifically, _the people in her district_. Her position is unacceptable and ignorant.

      In Girdwood last week, she responded to a question about pandering to lobbyists by telling a story about a company that got state appropriation and came back for more. When she asked what they did with the money, their response was that they spent it building offices in Maine. Her point? Not completely sure, but think it was that Outside companies’ lobbyists took Alaska money and she’s a good steward by not pandering to that. Or maybe I didn’t understand that…
      The company that she used as an example is the East Foreland tidal energy project partner of Homer Electric Association. It’s a very valuable project doing important work on alternative energy. The Cook Inlet area is the primary beneficiary.

      She apparently knows nothing about this. Is she ignorant, or unthinking? Or is it a ‘no-go’ for her because they might be competition with Big Oil?

  4. Devon is an “independent” in name only. Hard core liberal to the core. And that’s fine if thats what you’re after. Look at the groups paying for advertising for him.

  5. In my mind at least, a “true” independent would be someone who really doesn’t lean to one side or the other. A true down the middle independent thinker. Someone who really doesn’t fit in to one party, or way of thinking. Mr. Devon should have a “D” behind his name. Because thats who he will side with more than 90 percent of the time. He will be beholden to the unions. And like I said, if that’s your thing then he’s your man. Notice I didn’t say don’t vote for him. Just know what you’re voting for.

  6. Finally we have a new candidate and businessman that emphatically supports collective bargaing and opposes right to work (for less) legislation for the middle class. Has a realistic view of the embarrassing Anchorge Port Expansion Project and resource development projects. He has school aged children and understands the need for public education funding. And most importantly he will listen to his contstiuents.. I don’t care what he calls himself I am voting for him….