Unofficial update 9/22/2012

By Brent
for SCN

I had the opportunity to stop by the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at City Hall this afternoon and chat for a few minutes with some of the various representatives for an update.

The EOC is fully staffed with representatives from City departments (police, fire, public works, administration) as well as representatives from the Kenai Penisula Borough.  The members of the EOC have been putting in some EXTREMELY long hours this past week, but Mr. Hunt, City Manager, reported that they were doing well. There was plenty of food and they are well fed.

The Lowell Point Road is CLOSED at this time (3:00 PM Saturday). The road is unstable and has been having numerous land slides. There is also a large tree that is going to be coming down, creating additional hazards.

Mr. Hunt reports that crews have been working non-stop on the Lowell Point Waterfall. There was a drop off where the water flows into the bay that was sixty feet deep. Crews have pushed material into that drop off shelf and have extended it out 100 yards. There is also an extremely large amount of gravel being pushed up along the road.


According to the borough representative, Myrtlewood Circle in Questa Woods was under voluntary evacuation notice. It was also reported that Bear Creek Volunteer Fire Department helped to evacuate two people from the area. The Red Cross has offered assistance to displaced persons and the animal shelter is providing emergency shelter for displaced animals.

Crews are working in the Questa Woods area with a D8 bulldozer trying to keep the hole filled. As of 3:00 P.M., they were holding their own.

In Box Canyon, there is a D9 bulldozer working trying to keep up. It is also holding its own.

Old Mill Subdivision is stable at the moment. There are two pieces of equipment at the bridge trying to keep it open.

People should remember that the ground is supersaturated and areas around flowing water could suddenly give way. The City is urging everyone to exercise caution and limit their travel.

This article is NOT meant to replace any official news or information from any city, borough, state, or federal organization, merely supplement it.


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