Peeping Tom Still at Large

By Heidi Zemach for SCN

Seward Police, and Kenai Peninsula Crime Stoppers, are actively seeking help in identifying, and bringing to justice a “Peeping Tom” who has been active throughout August in the Clearview neighborhood (Bear Drive, Resurrection Boulevard to Sweatman) and along Phoenix Avenue and Dora Way.

Crime Stoppers is offering a cash reward to anyone who can provide information that leads to the arrest of the person who has been reported five times to police for residential burglaries, trespass and theft. Residents have on occasion observed a man peering through windows at night, and in one instance, a resident found him standing in their living room. He fled when they contacted him. The last related call reported to the police was last weekend.

But despite the calls, every one of which the police responded to, and increased patrols and investigation in the affected areas at night, the police have been unable to locate the individual, and they still only have a vague idea of what he looks like, said Seward Police Chief Tom Clemons. A tall, slender male is about the only description that the reports have had in common.


Residents should lock their doors and windows, and draw their blinds at night, he suggests. Peeping Tom cases, crimes of opportunity in which the victim does not know the perpetrator, are unfortunately the most difficult ones to prosecute, Clemons said. If anyone has information that could help, please step forward and share it with the Seward Police Department at 224-3338. “We need witnesses because we want to catch and prosecute this guy,” Clemons said.

He also disputes anonymous reports by residents on the Internet and social media claiming that the police already know who he is, and are deliberately not investigating or arresting him, perhaps due to his family name or social standing in the community.

“We don’t now who it is, but no matter who it is, we will file charges,” Clemons said.

Those wishing to do so anonymously, or with their names also can call Crime Stoppers at 283-TIPS or toll free at 1-800-478-HALT. Crime stoppers does not use Caller ID or recorded lines, and callers do not have to give their names.



  1. Thank you for getting on board of this problem.

  2. I am glad to see some more information on this, I had only heard there was a peeping tom from rumor, but had no idea he was entering houses and committing theft.

    Also, I am sad to see that anyone thinks our local police would intentionally allow him to keep it up. They live here and have families and friends that could be affected here too!

  3. Thank you Hiedi for your work on getting the facts about this. I had a neighbor yesterday tell me her story and we live in the current zone of these activities. It’s not just the bears we have to watch out for. Also, please be careful about posting rumors as comments please.

  4. Finally! Bears are the least of our worries!

  5. Haven’t there been issues with a tall slender peeping tom for multiple summers?

  6. Increased patrols?? I live in this area and haven’t seen a patrol car in this area since last Winter.