News from the Seward Schools Site Based Council

The Site Council is for everybody! Please attend our monthly meetings if you’d like to be in the know about the Seward schools. Here are some tidbits from our most recent meeting that might interest you:

  • Dr. Atwater (KPBSD superintendent) will be coming to the next Seward Schools Site-Based Council meeting. This is a Site Council and Parent Group Meeting and includes training on setting parent group priorities. This event will be at the Seward Elemenray School Library at 7:00 p.m. on October 11th. Go to for the agenda.
  • Have a say with your vote! Site council elections will be held during parent conferences on November 1-2, 2012.  You can have a say in who is on the site council. More details will be posted toward the end of October about nominations and elections. Maybe you’d like a seat on the council?
  • At the elementary school, Principal Kingsland says: “We have a bumper crop of 343 students this year, compared to 285 last year! There are 63 kindergarten students (three full classrooms). Also, the elementary school won the Bronze Level USDA Healthier US Schools Challenge for our school’s nutrition and physical education programs. We offer more P.E. than any other school in the district!”
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  • From the middle school, Principal Bickling says: “We’re the only middle school in the district to meet AYP this year.” Also, during the November site council meeting, members will be discussing moving the 6th grade to the middle school. You are welcome to come to the meeting.
  • At the high school, Principal Walker and his staff are busy re-imagining what school could be like. He notes that SHS is a blended school, meaning it offers both traditional and non-traditional ways for students to earn credits. To best serve all students, a “paradigm shift” is in order.

Does this interest you? Come to our meetings to learn more! You can also keep up with happenings on the Site Council’s Facebook page. Click here:

This update has been provided by the secretary of the Site Council, Leigh Ray.


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