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Lowell Creek Waterfall Thrursday

More Pictures of the Seward Flood at Lowell Creek Waterfall!

Gravel from the mountains has buried the bridge to Lowell Point here in Seward AK.

With flooding to continue throughout the day, workers tirelessly dig gravel out of the trenches to keep water flowing out to sea instead of into town.

Photo Credits Julian Kegel of




  1. Thank you to all of the City workers, Metco workers, and everyone else running equipment 24 hours a day to mitigate the flooding as much as possible.
    Let the sun shine today so you can have a short break to see the beauty of nature not just the destruction.

    • I second that Peggy. Thanks to all for everything that is being done to prevent flood damages from this 14.50 inches of rain that we have had in the last 7 days.

      Perhaps a community potluck to honor our heroes would be something to consider. (After Seward has a chance to dry out a bit that is.)

  2. Julian,
    thanks so much for the wonderful photography. I am so glad that you posted so we can see what you do. Keep clicking. I look forward to seeing your work at the Music and Arts Festival.