City of Seward #24

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 1:00 p.m..

*New Information:

The Seward EOC numbers are 907-224-4041, 224-4043, 224-4044. A local Kenai Peninsula Borough EOC has been established at the Seaview Plaza. That number is 907-224-9516.

Crews are working to remove debris in the water in the Seward Harbor area.

***Lowell Point Road: Another landslide has occurred this morning and has caused the road to close. Crews hope to clear the road by 5:00 p.m. today.

Road Updates:

Lagoon Boardwalk – closed
DIECKGRAEFF ROAD: closed at Maple Street, the new levee is holding. Dumpster set up right before closure at Dieckgraeff and Maple Street – household refuse only, please no storm debris
EXIT GLACIER ROAD/HERMAN LEIRER ROAD: open to local traffic only
OLD EXIT GLACIER ROAD: open to local traffic only
SEWARD HIGHWAY: open. Use caution.
LOWELL POINT ROAD: closed due to another landslide, hope to reopen at 5:00 p.m. today
OLD MILL SUBDIVISION: open to local traffic only at this point

Traffic advisories issued for all Seward area roads.

*Previous Information:

City of Seward email has been down since yesterday. Please call offices and don’t rely on email correspondence.

Latest update from National Weather Service: Flood Warning has been extended to 5:00 p.m. Thursday. http://forecast.weather.gov/showsigwx.php?warnzone=AKZ125&warncounty=AKC122&firewxzone=AKZ125&local_place1=7+Miles+NNW+Woodrow+AK&product1=Flood+Warning

Bear Creek Fire Department is expecting delivery of more flood clean up kits today around 1:00 p.m. They will be available for pick up at that time.

DOT working to dredge/remove debris at Sawmill Creek, replace the culvert at mile 2.4 of Nash Road (no closures expected), and clearing the airport.


Residents who need transportation between the Seward Harbor and Lowell Point can contact a water taxi. One of the water taxi’s that is running is Alaskan Coastal Safari who can be reached at 362-4101. Jim Herbert can also be reached at 362-0020.

Dieckgraeff Road is still closed at Maple Street. A dumpster has been placed at Dieckgraeff Road and Maple Street (in front of the road closure) for those needing to dispose of their household refuse. Please no storm debris!

Be Advised! The Department of Environmental Conservation has issuing the following advisory for Kenai Peninsula property owners near flooding streams and rivers: Flooded wells may be contaminated with bacteria or other microorganisms that can cause illness. People with onsite wells on flooded property should boil water used for drinking, cooking, hand washing, or dish washing. Boil filtered and settled water vigorously for two minutes. After the flooding has subsided, the well and water system should be disinfected with chlorine and thoroughly flushed, and then tested by a certified laboratory to ensure the water is safe to drink.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough is coordinating with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) to provide assistance with water quality testing. Homeowners that may be concerned about well water or septic tanks being damaged due to flooding are encouraged to call the ADEC office in Kenai at 907-262-3408 for more information. The water system for the City of Seward remains intact, and two potable water sites are available for personal container fill-ups at the RV dump stations located at the corner of B Street and Ballaine.

In the event of an emergency, please call the Seward Police Department at 9-1-1.

*Updates are also posted on the City’s Community Alert Pages, where you can also sign up for email and/or text updates (recommended): http://cityofseward.us/AlertCenter.aspx

Note: Click on Emergency Alerts for all future notifications.

Johanna Kinney, City Clerk, clerk@cityofseward.net

Johanna Kinney, CMC

City Clerk, City of Seward

Post Office Box 167

Seward, Alaska 99664

p: 907.224.4045

f: 907.224.4038

w: www.cityofseward.us


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  1. For your information, personal property damages form (due to recent flood) is now available online on Borough website.