City Flood Update #4

City of Seward


Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 5:00 p.m.

*New Information:

Conditions are projected to improve, rain likely to continue but at a lesser rate.

A shelter is being established Seward High School for those needing shelter. Please use the Gym/Pool door and proceed to the gym for shelter services.

Moose Pass School has offered shelter services for anyone needing shelter as well. Contact the Seward EOC if you need assistance first.

Department of Transportation crew is dispatching flaggers and lights to keep the road clear for responders and crews.

The Box Canyon water diversion structure has been compromised and is flooding.

Road Updates:

JAPANESE CREEK: levee is holding.
SEALION AND HEMLOCK: are ok as of now. Use caution.
EXIT GLACIER ROAD: closed at the Seward Highway – new!


Portions of the DIECKGRAEFF ROAD are closed.
DORA WAY/PHOENIX/CHISWELL ROADS: closed, unpassable, flooded
PORT ROAD: closed, blocked at ALAMEDA and LEIRER – not safe
DAIRY HILL: closed, crews working
NASH ROAD: passable – use caution
SEWARD HIGHWAY 3.5 – 7 : traffic advisory, limited travel, water on road, use EXTREME caution
LOWELL POINT ROAD: closed, dangerous conditions, landslides intermittent all day
Traffic advisories issued for all Seward area roads.

*Previous Information:

Residents living in the Old Mill Subdivision west of the Lost Creek (second bridge) are advised to contact the Emergency Operations Center if they need assistance evacuating (EOC numbers are listed in this press release). This evacuation is not mandatory at this time. Shelter planning discussions are underway.

City of Seward and Kenai Peninsula Borough Emergency Management Departments are working together to assist with flooding issues.

As a precaution, if your water is discolored, it is advised to boil your water prior to consuming until the weather subsides.

Please limit your travel and stay home if you can.

The City of Seward has set up an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at the City Council Chambers to address localized flood problems. The City Manager has issued a state of emergency as of 1:15 p.m.

EOC phone numbers established are: 224-4041, 224-4043, 224-4044 to report flooding, outages, etc. In the event of an emergency, please call the Seward Police Department at 9-1-1. Residents of the Seward area are urged to limit travel today and stay home if possible due to the high winds and rain in the area that has caused water to inundate road ways.


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